The future of Malawian consumer software is here – welcome SpellAway mind game

SpellAway Malawian

I have always dreamt of sitting on my desktop computer at home sliding my mouse way to some software that understands what being Malawian means, providing me with tools and information in a Malawian fashion. I have dreamt of software that farmers in Malawi can use, nurses and HSAs in the village can use to help in the diagnosing and treatment of patients, a “Phada” game that kids in Malawian urban areas can play.

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Welcome to 2014 and our new look

Welcome to 2014

It has turned out to be a convention that at the beginning of every new year people make new resolutions for the course of their lives while looking back to the victories and mistakes of the previous year. Here at Unik Multimedia Technologies we take the liberty of doing the same. We are soon to share our experiences of of 2013 and what we think 2014 holds for us and you!

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