Free SPSS Training

We give you the chance to learn the basics of SPSS free of charge

Venue: Chichiri Secondary School

Starting: 7:30am

Places available: 60

How to enroll

Send a 1 paragraph e-mail explaining why you need to learn Data Entry using SPSS to on or before 27 June 2014.

Qualifications for enrollment

  1. A minimum of MSCE
  2. You agree to bring with you a laptop computer
  3. You agree to bring a power extension

Content to be covered

  1. Introducing SPSS
  2. Getting Familiar with the SPSS interface
  3. File handling in SPSS
  4. Getting Familliar with the Data Editor screen
  5. Creating a questionnaire template
  6. Entering Data
  7. Data entry shortcuts

We have put all this information in a cute brochure right here

or download it here Download – 181Kb