SpellAway Malawian

I have always dreamt of sitting on my desktop computer at home sliding my mouse way to some software that understands what being Malawian means, providing me with tools and information in a Malawian fashion. I have dreamt of software that farmers in Malawi can use, nurses and HSAs in the village can use to help in the diagnosing and treatment of patients, a “Phada” game that kids in Malawian urban areas can play.

Well, at least it seems we are not far from the realization of that dream as brilliant programmers are waking up to do just that. Here at Unik Multimedia Technologies introduce to you a mind game crafted right here in the Warm Heart – Spell Away.

Welcome SpellAway

Created by one of our programmers Jonathan Mojoo. The User interface was created by the author of this blog post.


The game asks you to “”Form a word by choosing from a grid of randomly generated letters.”

As we at Unik Multimedia Technologies lead with spearheading this revolution, it is our hope and wish the programmers throughout the country will put their keyboards to work to bring Malawians software they can use and be proud of.

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