Welcome to 2014

It has turned out to be a convention that at the beginning of every new year people make new resolutions for the course of their lives while looking back to the victories and mistakes of the previous year. Here at Unik Multimedia Technologies we take the liberty of doing the same. We are soon to share our experiences of of 2013 and what we think 2014 holds for us and you!

2013 for us

The year 2013 was both a year of breakthrough and a year of of bigger challenges (everyone has to meet that when starting up). However we are here to share the joys of the year namely:

  • 2013 saw the founding of Unik Multimedia Technologies as a full-fledged company. It was a great strength to have personnel of all caliber to hold the pillars of the entity.
  • We were able to establish an online presence with our one-paged launch site.
  • We were able to launch the ueecoach service aimed at helping to build aptitude of those getting ready to sit for the University Entrance Examinations

What to expect in 2014

As a company, we are so enthusiastic to bringing you high quality service. As time lapses, we are growing exponentially in our creative might. For us, 2014 is a year in which we plan to bring out the best of us in as far as technology is concerned. Alongside our commercial services, we plan to dwell much on the following areas:

  1. Educational technologies

    We would like to explore different creative technologies for the classroom and so you should expect fireworks from that angle.

  2. More free online services

    Just as we did with the UEECoach site, we promise to bring the Malawian community quite a wide array of free online services that will lead the web revolution in country

From the Unik Multimedia staff, we wish you all a happy and prosperous new year

Now in the comment section below, tell us what you think would be great technology ideas that Malawians should be able to access by the end of the yar 2014